Potocco Outdoor

Potocco – Italy

After a century of history, Potocco still manages all the production stages internally, including the most delicate ones, from hand-weaving to the processing of wood and various other materials. A perfect marriage where tradition and innovation meet, to guarantee the highest quality standards and satisfy every client’s need, with a maximum customization.
At the base, a meticulous research that starts from prototyping, a fundamental step in the creation of products that allows Potocco to test it, change it and perfect it to get the best result each and every time. Each product is studied in its smallest details, monitored through every stage and packaged like a tailored-made suit. Research, selection of the best materials, but above all passion for this work, make each Potocco creation unique, in a perfect mix of tailoring, experimentation and quality.
The expertise gained in over a century of activity, cutting-edge technological processes and the pursuit of quality, define the design that distinguishes Potocco. Extremely careful attention to details, typical of artisan tradition, is manifested in the processing of various materials and in the weaving, produced by hand, in all kind of ropes and ribbons, making each Potocco’s proposals unique and enriched with a taste that is always new and fresh. The company production includes types of products able to live both inside and outside the domestic environment, declined in collections ranging from the living room to the dining room: chairs, armchairs, sofas and chaise longue, stools, tables, coffee tables, cabinets and consoles are entirely produced in the facility in Manzano, guaranteeing their Made in Italy quality.